All the Way to the Bank.

All the Way to the Bank.

Did you hear them laughing?

At the RNC, did you hear them scoffing at community organization? Did you hear them interrupt Rudi Giuliani with loud scoffing and booing when Rudi mentioned Obama's community organization record.

I did.

I heard Giuliani say "perhaps that was his first mistake" and the Republican convention cheered and jeered in unison.

The audacity!

They are laughing at me, and they are laughing at you. They are laughing at every American who has been put out of work because their job was shipped overseas. They are laughing at every American who has lost their home in the housing downturn. They are laughing at every victim of Hurricane Katrina, whose lot was made a thousand times worse because the White House was derelict in its duty.

They are laughing at every American that has been hurt by the Republican Party's eight long years of dereliction in their duty.

They are laughing at YOU.

And the Republicans laugh... all the way to the bank.

They make the mess, community organizers clean it up, and Republicans laugh... because for the most part, the mess they left behind has made them a packet of money.

And they laugh.

Never mind the human cost of their actions, never mind the pain and suffering it inflicts upon whole communities,

they laugh... because their bottom line is better for the pain and suffering the rest of us endure.

Palin and Giuliani both scoffed at the pain and suffering of ordinary Americans,

And then they have the nerve to call Obama "Elitist."

They must be beyond the scope of economic downturn, they must be wealthy enough to endure the train-wreck that is the Bush Administration's economic policy, they must be so damned rich and powerful, that they don't get it at all.

And then, there was the chant.

Regardless of the McCain-Palin stand on "standing up to big oil", it is pretty clear that the Republican Party is still run by big oil, and that Palin and McCain are both up to the gills in it.

"Drill baby drill" chants the crowd, whenever anybody mentions energy policy.

It might have worked in the 60's folks (it was bad policy then) but it can't wash now.

Oil interests in the White House have led this country to the brink of economic collapse, and the Republican answer to employment, the economy, and the energy crisis is "Drill baby drill."

Has America become so inured to politics that we can no longer spell cynical?

And they laugh... because their bottom line is better now than it ever was.

The cynical jokes of Big Oil Republicans have cost this country everything it holds dear,

and they're still laughing...

...all the way to the bank.

Its time to wipe that stupid grin from their faces.


Rodney B. Smith
Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA


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