"Interesting Times"


I have had plenty else to focus on of late, so Ypsi politics has taken a back seat for a while.

As some of you maybe aware, I have just started an astrology blog where I will be making general predictions for the district based on the full and new moons. These are not the sort of thing to bet the house on, but rather a general comment on community attitudes and the issues that are going to be on many minds over any two week period.

I just learned that a bunch of ypsi residents is issuing a recall election order on four city council members. (I told you I’ve been out of the loop!!). I knew the idea was being tossed around a few weeks ago, and I expressed my loathing for such actions. Then my life took my attention to other matters and I didn’t hear any more. I’ve been too busy to read the local papers and blogs, and so here I am, mostly in the dark.

The astrology favors grass roots support for major issues and suggests an open attack on the city for an act of oblivious mismanagement. The speech that launches the attack will be hard-hitting, cold, and full of dry facts.

I believe this will be the period that the good folk of Ypsilanti finally “get it” about water street and about the “head in the sand” approach taken by previous administrations.

I expect the backlash to take the leadership by surprise. The winner of this fight will be the party who can muster the anger of the people. I think the recall petition will gain a lot of strength under this moon.

The city will be stirring up its support base to sure up its position.

The climate is right for the community to get really angry over this one.

It has been my experience, however, that folks in this community enjoy attacking one another far more than they enjoy getting to the bottom of anything.

I have fanned a few of those fires, and I have no intention of fanning another.

Have at it folks.

Take Care



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I think issuing a law suit for missmanagement is not a bad thing. If every city has a proper management who works for its establishment i dont think there will be such problems.